Google Drive Quick Source Reference Guide by Quick Source

Google Drive Quick Source Reference Guide

Book Title: Google Drive Quick Source Reference Guide

Publisher: Quick Source

ISBN: 1935518399

Author: Quick Source

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Quick Source with Google Drive Quick Source Reference Guide

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Do you need an easy-to-follow software reference right at your fingertips? Our 6 page, tri-fold guides are the answer. These quick reference guides include step by step instructions to help users to learn software features more quickly, as well as full color screen graphics to highlight important features. Quick Source reference guides also include the software program s NEW features and gives you quick access to time saving shortcuts. The Google Drive Quick Source guide is a clear and concise tool for learning the features in Google Drive. This guide include tips and instructions on many topics, including Working with Files on My Drive, Color Coding Documents or Folders, Creating a Spreadsheet with Sheets and Importing Slides to a Presentation. It also includes Creating a Form, Using the Drawing Scribble Feature, Sharing an Item with Other Users, and Working Offline!